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When the Crowd Stops Roaring

The inspirational story of an extraordinary All Black, with a foreword by Keith Quinn.

New Zealand rugby union player Neven MacEwan played 52 matches for the All Blacks from 1956 to 1962, including 20 internationals and two South African provincial matches as captain.

In this frank and inspiring memoir, Neven talks about his early life, and his extraordinary success as a rugby player. A lock and number eight, Neven represented Wellington at a provincial level, before achieving the ultimate in New Zealand rugby—wearing the revered All Black jersey. His contemporaries included Tiny White, Don Clarke, Wilson Whineray, Kelvin Tremain, Colin Meads and Ian Clarke.

But this is not just a memoir of rugby achievements; Neven talks frankly about the difficulties in his life ‘when the crowd stops roaring’ and the reality away from the rugby field. There are immense challenges, including being charged by New Zealand Police for theft, a suicide attempt, and his battle with alcoholism. But there is also hope, triumph and new beginnings in this candid memoir, with Neven going on to give back and help numerous others who have lost their way.

All Black, school teacher, shipping travel agent, public relations officer, prison chaplain, husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather, When the Crowd Stops Roaring is an insightful biography of an extraordinary New Zealander, both on and off the rugby playing field.

"For a start he was so big! He towered over most of his teammates and opponents and as each game and season unfolded he expanded his talent into that of a true international rugby player."

Keith Quinn

"When the Crowd Stops Roaring" is available to purchase now for $35.00 Plus Postage and Packaging ($8 within New Zealand).

"Thank you so much for your time on the phone. I loved reading your book - it is so honest and so inspirational - but it has taken on a whole new life after talking to you!
As mentioned, I love my rugby history, I am coming up 47, but I have a special interest in old school All Black/world rugby history. The worst thing with books is to read a biography/autobiography from a modern day player and so much truth is missing ... your book is just incredible ... the ultimate tale of inspiration and redemption.
I have been a reporter for 27 years now, and I have to pass on that my interview with you is one of the best I have ever done, in terms of your honesty and your story. Thank you so much for all of your time ... and I am looking forward to giving our chat the prominence in our paper on April 28 it deserves.
You are a remarkable and inspirational New Zealander!"
Best regards and respect always."

Neil Reid, New Zealand Herald

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