When The Crowd Stops Roaring

The book "When the Crowd Stops Roaring" is my biography. The book covers the contribution my Grandfather J B MacEwan made in establishing the dairy industry in New Zealand. J B MacEwan and Company Ltd produced milking machines, water pumps and agriculture machinery. It also includes to story of my father, Ian Arthur, who travelled the world to find an answer to his alcoholism. In desperation he finally committed himself to a mental institution in Nelson. There he read about Alcoholics Anonymous in a copy of the Readers Digest. Dad corresponded with the organisation's Head Office in New York found sobriety and established AA in New Zealand.

My story is a story of "hope". The one thing I hated I became-an alcoholic. I reached the ultimate goal for most New Zealand men, I became an All Black playing 55 times for New Zealand 20 of them Test matches. I represented Wellington from 1954 -67 playing 133 times.

God found me in the gutter facing the possibility of seven years in jail, but God had other plans and the story of hope from hopelessness and despair is encouraging and challenging.

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Comments from people who are supporting this venture

30th July 2018
"Can't wait to read this book. Neven MacEwan is one of the most inspiring and inspirational people we have ever meet."
~Ollie & Kelly
16 August 2018
"This book will be an important contribution to the social history of New Zealand / Aotearoa"
~Dion Martin
17 August 2018
"I look forward to reading this inspirational and fascinating story. Well done."
~Damian Martin
18 August 2018
"A small thank-you for the influence Neven had on my life."
~Bruce & Marg Jefferies