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Comments from people who supported this venture, and those who have read it.

19th April 2019

"Greetings. Just finished reading your book last evening. Thank you for it. Enjoyed it immensely - your life story, the rugby accounts but most of all your honesty and testimony about how the Lord saved you and then used you so magnificently to help others. Really enjoyed it all."
~Steve Carter

16th April 2019

"Your book arrived on Saturday and I am enjoying it immensely! So much of it I know of course, but a lot of other things are new to me, so it's very interesting filling in the gaps. And it reads so well, very flowing and I like the way you've divided each chapter into small sections.
Congratulations Neven. Looking forward to being there on May 1st! Sorry I can't come to the Wellington one as well.
But what are you going to do with yourself now!!?"
~Helen Moulder

3rd April 2019

"Thank you so much for your time on the phone. I loved reading your book - it is so honest and so inspirational - but it has taken on a whole new life after talking to you!
As mentioned, I love my rugby history, I am coming up 47, but I have a special interest in old school All Black/world rugby history. The worst thing with books is to read a biography/autobiography from a modern day player and so much truth is missing ... your book is just incredible ... the ultimate tale of inspiration and redemption.
I have been a reporter for 27 years now, and I have to pass on that my interview with you is one of the best I have ever done, in terms of your honesty and your story. Thank you so much for all of your time ... and I am looking forward to giving our chat the prominence in our paper on April 28 it deserves.
You are a remarkable and inspirational New Zealander!"
Best regards and respect always."
~Neil Reid New Zealand Herald

19th January 2019

"Congratulations Neven, on a truly remarkable and extremely powerful memoir. Well done.
~Wild Side Publishing

8th November 2018

"Very interesting reading with your life story as well as your family history involved in the Dairy Industry. Can’t wait to see the finished book."
~Roger & Diane Miers

18 August 2018

"A small thank-you for the influence Neven had on my life."
~Bruce & Marg Jefferies

17 August 2018

"I look forward to reading this inspirational and fascinating story. Well done."
~Damian Martin

16 August 2018

"This book will be an important contribution to the social history of New Zealand / Aotearoa"
~Dion Martin

30th July 2018

"Can't wait to read this book. Neven MacEwan is one of the most inspiring and inspirational people we have ever meet."
~Ollie & Kelly



Wellington Athletic Rugby Football Club World Tour 1966

The untold tales of Wellington Athletic RFC's 1966 World Tour. How it happened, the results, the players, the hangovers. It's all there. The story of true Kiwi World Rugby first. As told by Nev MacEwan, ex All Black (1956 to 1962) and his teammates.

One doesn’t need to be a rugby fan to enjoy this book. You may simply like sports stories in general. On the other hand, you could enjoy humour and travel tales. You may have an interest in getting a different slice of life in the swinging 60’s. Indeed an Historian could find our tale useful for myriad reasons as would a friend or relative of someone who played us. Maybe, the reader is just seeking some inspiration for an endeavour of their own?

There is something for everyone to enjoy and be challenged to "Dream the impossible dream" and then make it a reality.
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