[ Feb 26, 2021 ]
Love is the Motivation to Obey Jesus’ Commands

 [ Feb 25, 2021 ]
Setting Your Priorities is Essential to Suceed.

 [ Feb 24, 2021 ]
In Giving We Receive

 [ Feb 23, 2021 ]
Know God – Know Jesus. No God – No Jesus

 [ Feb 22, 2021 ]
Jesus is the the Master Physician who removes all My Guilt and Shame.

 [ Feb 21, 2021 ]
God’s Way of Doing things, is Far Superior than what I think and Do.

 [ Feb 20, 2021 ]
The Reality of Marriage as Purposed by God.

 [ Feb 19, 2021 ]
When Life Caves In We Need Someone With the Presence of Jesus.

 [ Feb 18, 2021 ]
The Right Attitude for Success in the work place.

 [ Feb 17, 2021 ]
Everyone should be protecting the image of God created within them.

 [ Feb 16, 2021 ]
Life Eternal is only obtain in believing in believing and knowing Jesus.

 [ Feb 15, 2021 ]
Humility comes from Wisdom, which is seeing things from God’s perspective.

 [ Feb 14, 2021 ]
To be Loved Unconditionally is to feel wanted, respected and secure completely

 [ Feb 13, 2021 ]
As a Christian, there is only one place where I long to be!

 [ Feb 12, 2021 ]
Seek Love, Not Power.

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Do You Want to Live Happy?

January 19, 2021

Daily Bible Reading for YOU

Take 10 minutes every day and have the Bible read to you. In one year you will have read the whole Bible and your life will have dramatically been changed. That I can guarantee.
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Used by permission. International copyright secured.

Today’s Scripture

“The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart. The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes”
  • Psalm 19:8, NIV

Today’s Word

“I have a friend who is going through treatment for cancer. He’s a young man, very talented, very athletic. If he had not told me, I would have never known anything was wrong. I’ve never once heard him complain. He’s always friendly, upbeat and enjoys life. I asked him the other day how he could keep such a good attitude during such a difficult time. He said, “Joel, when I get up in the morning, I ask myself, ‘Do you want to be depressed today or do you want to live happy?’ I choose to live happy.”

Understand that if you’re going to be happy, you have to be happy on purpose. Happiness is not going to fall on you. You have to choose it by choosing right thoughts and focusing on the Father. You have to set your day in the direction that you want to go. You have to choose to meditate on His Word because His Word lights your path and gives joy to your heart. Today, choose to live happy, set your focus on Him, and embrace the blessing He has in store for you!”

Today’s Prayer

Father, today I set my heart and mind on You. I receive Your Word which is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. I will store Your Word in my heart and receive the joy it brings me. Today I choose to live happy in Jesus’ name! Amen.
  • Contributor today — Joel & Victoria Osteen
~Copyright © 2007 by Joel Osteen. All rights reserved. Used by permission. International copyright secured.

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