Readers Evaluation and Comments of the Book

Nev I’ve just finished reading your wonderful account of the 66 World Tour.
I must admit I feel a bit embarrassed that I wasn’t so aware of the tour. When I joined Athletic in 1977 it followed on from the lads tour to U.S.A. in 76 and as a young 20 year old this was the topic of conversation with the older guys in the team.
I now can relate many of the names from the clubs 60’s era that were familiar faces at the games and after matches.
What an excellent read and can you imagine proposing a tour of this schedule to any team today. You and your organising team pulled off an absolute brilliant piece of rugby history."

Mark McGuinness

21 November 2016

"Thank you so much for the book which arrived yesterday. I have started reading it and am thoroughly enjoying it. Thank you so much again.
With very best wishes"

Nick Banton

House of Commons, London
9 November 2016

"A very good read everyone"

Bill McLagan

3 November 2016

"I bought your book thinking I would quickly browse through it and put it away. I was pleasantly proved wrong. Even though most of the players are unknown to me I was fascinated with their stories and Seamus has done an excellent job in pulling it all together and ensuring that there were no dull pages. I had the book on kitchen table and would read a couple of pages during coffee/lunch breaks. But I kept wanting to read more pages and those coffee breaks became one-hour sessions! It is an excellent social history of club rugby of the era and the tour’s historical significance has become greater now that it is captured in your book.
Congratulations Nev and please pass this onto Seamus."

Clive Akers

Co-editor NZ Rugby Almanack
31 October 2016

"I am 2/3rds of the way through the book, it is an excellent read, so many thanks for creating this gift. All of my family have our copies and will enjoy the opportunity to learn more about our fathers past, it was a trip he never told us about, yet seemed to have the time of his life."

Richard Dellabarca

New Zealand Rugby Board Member
26 October 2016

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