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I believe you will enjoy this story of a team of young New Zealand Club Rugby players who took on a World Tour and made a contribution to the game in the countries they visited. This is not the usual rugby book. There is something for everyone to enjoy and be challenged to "Dream the impossible dream" and then make it a reality.

I am an ex All Black (1956 to 1962) and this tour was the highlight of my rugby career.


"Wellington Athletic Rugby Football Club World Tour 1966"

The untold tales of Wellington Athletic RFC's 1966 World Tour. How it happened, the results, the players, the hangovers. It's all there. The story of true Kiwi World Rugby first. As told by Nev MacEwan and his teammates.

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Readers' Comments

"Hi Nev
I bought your book thinking I would quickly browse through it and put it away. I was pleasantly proved wrong. Even though most of the players are unknown to me I was fascinated with their stories and Seamus has done an excellent job in pulling it all together and ensuring that there were no dull pages. I had the book on kitchen table and would read a couple of pages during coffee/lunch breaks. But I kept wanting to read more pages and those coffee breaks became one-hour sessions! It is an excellent social history of club rugby of the era and the tour’s historical significance has become greater now that it is captured in your book.

Congratulations Nev and please pass this onto Seamus.

Clive Akers
Co-editor NZ Rugby Almanack"

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Neven MacEwan

Last updated 25th February 2018