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Official launch Wednesday 1st May 2019

Venue: All Saints Church Hall, The Square, Palmerston North

Time 3:00pm

On the back cover of the book is written .....

New Zealand rugby union player Neven MacEwan played 52 matches for the All Blacks from 1956 to 1962, including 20 internationals and two South African provincial matches as captain.

In this frank and inspiring memoir, Neven talks about his early life, and his extraordinary success as a rugby player. A lock and number eight, Neven represented Wellington at a provincial level, before achieving the ultimate in New Zealand rugby—wearing the revered All Black jersey. His contemporaries included Tiny White, Don Clarke, Wilson Whineray, Kelvin Tremain, Colin Meads and Ian Clarke.

But this is not just a memoir of rugby achievements; Neven talks frankly about the difficulties in his life ‘when the crowd stops roaring’ and the reality away from the rugby field. There are immense challenges, including being charged by New Zealand Police for theft, a suicide attempt, and his battle with alcoholism. But there is also hope, triumph and new beginnings in this candid memoir, with Neven going on to give back and help numerous others who have lost their way.

All Black, school teacher, shipping travel agent, public relations officer, prison chaplain, husband, father and grandfather, When the Crowd Stops Roaring is an insightful biography of an extraordinary New Zealander, both on and off the rugby playing field. ----

Background for the book - This book has been a work in progress for 12 years. I'm pleased to report that it is completed and in the hands of the publishers. The official launch of this book will be a date yet to be decided in April 2019. Watch this space for updates and a few snippets of what's in store for the reader. If you would like to support this project we invite you to make a donation by clicking on the "Donate" button at the bottom of this page and give your full details. You can donate an amount of your choice. Every pledge of $100 will receive 3 autographed copies of the book when published. Should the book sell well those who pledged $100 or more will also participate in a share of the profits. However we need to sell 2000 books to clear all costs then the profit sharing clicks in.

To make a donation to this project click the "Donate" button at the bottom of this page. If you wish to preorder copies of the book click the link under the book pic to the right.


To visit the book page click here When the Crowd Stops Roaring


In 2016 Seamus Coogan and I published the book "Wellington Athletic Rugby Football Club World Tour 1966" This tour was a world first and the stories recalled by team members about the tour are humorous and make for some enjoyable reading' The book tells how it happened, the results, the players, the hangovers. It's all there. The story of true Kiwi ingenuity.

I believe you will enjoy this story of a team of young New Zealand Club Rugby players who took on a World Tour and made a contribution to the game in the countries they visited. This is not the usual rugby book. There is something for everyone to enjoy and be challenged to "Dream the impossible dream" and then make it a reality.

I am an ex All Black (1956 to 1962), and this tour was the highlight of my rugby career.

To visit the book page click here Athletic Rugby Tour Book.

Readers' reviews and evaluations of the book are found here Reviews




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